Hello All! Welcome to my blog, “The Introvert Film Critic.”  As this is my “Welcome Readers” post (yes, I have decided to be ambitious and use the plural “readers”), I’ll begin by explaining how I decided on the name.  First, I am a true introvert at heart; I get relieved when bigs plans are canceled, I stay up late reliving embarrassing moments from my past, I find socializing to be exhausting at times, and, of course, I relish being alone.  So when I do go out, it’s usually to the movies and in true introvert fashion, I usually go by myself, which leads me to the “Film Critic” aspect of my blog. I do consider myself to be a film critic, but for total transparency, I am not a professional and my “critiques” mainly consist of me giving my opinion after watching a film.  It’s a very loose definition.

But do not fret readers, this blog will not be about my journey to “fixing” or “working on” my introversion nor will it just feature movie reviews to help kickstart my film critic aspirations.  Instead, it will be a hybrid of the two! I apologize for setting you up like that, but let me explain. As of May 18th, 2018, I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin. I am very proud of that accomplishment, but I was even more excited to be done with school and ready to start this new phase in my life (college took five years, so all you “super seniors” out there best understand this readiness).  However, now that the graduation festivities are over and all my “Thank You (for giving me money)” letters are sent out, I find myself in limbo.

I know that feeling lost and having no clue what the hell you’re doing after college is nothing new.  Without having to go to class and being assigned work, it’s now up to me to be productive, but this is where my introvert-self becomes a problem.  I live alone (shocking, I know) and during college, it was awesome because it gave me a true place of my own to deal with stress; it became my sole comfort zone when times got tough, and there were a lot of tough times.  However, no longer a student, I’ve realized how comfortable I’ve become with being comfortable. I am not living some luxurious life where my definition of “comfortable” is being a member of the country club and getting to shop at Lululemon without having to use a gift card.  My “comfortable” is more internal and takes place in solitude a.k.a. my apartment. I find myself spending way too much time in my apartment because it’s now difficult and overwhelming to leave, especially as I enter post-grad life. This is no way to live because it’s boring and not healthy…and my lease ends at the end of July so I need to get my shit together.

This brings me to the main reason I decided to create a blog specifically.  For the next 30 days, from June 11 to July 10, I am challenging myself to get the hell out of my apartment and go see one movie a day (shout out to MoviePass for making this possible).  To up the ante, I will also write a review for each of the films that will include my own subjective opinion on it and taking whatever thoughts and responses I have to the film and see how it does (or doesn’t) apply to my life.  In short, I felt having a blog would be the best way to keep myself accountable; knowing I had “readers,” would give my delusional self motivation and responsibility.  This blog will definitely be an experiment so I hope I’ve made my intentions for it clear.  If not, to put it simply, this blog is meant to help me become more comfortable with the uncomfortable.  Stay tuned!


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